Programming Technologies

Javascript is the most widely accepted scripting language for the client side. We use the jQuery library to make our javascript programming more productive and more browser-independent.

PHP is one of the main programming languages used on the server side, and is used within both Joomla and WordPress. As is common, we also use the MySQL database with PHP.

AJAX is a technology used with javascript to make the actions (like changing the page content) asynchronous, i.e. they can happen at the same time as other activities (e.g. running a slide show). This can improve the page refresh performance by a large factor, and improves usability as well. The pages on this site load using AJAX (unless you’re using IE6/7). Rosita Internet Solutions’ WordPress framework includes AJAX integration.

Javascript and AJAX are the technologies behind many of the effects that create the look-and-feel referred to as “Web 2.0“.

A common drawback of AJAX-implemented sites is the unexpected behavior of the ‘Back’ button – several pages into the site, using the Back button will cause the user to leave the site (Gmail is an example). Our implementation has found a technique to fix the Back button behavior while retaining the advantages of AJAX. (Except for IE6/7, which doesn’t maintain its history like other browsers – so we don’t use AJAX with IE6/7. A fix for this is in the works.)