The Animation Experimentation Page

This page was developed to let our clients and visitors experiment with various facets of the menu and image animation. Settings you choose here will take effect immediately and will persist throughout your visit to the site (unless you’re using IE6/7), but will not affect other visitors’ experience or your subsequent visits. After changing one of the settings, test it out by mousing over the top menu or (for the fadein/slideshow settings) moving to another page on the site. Reloading this page will return the settings to their default values.

Not all combinations of settings will produce useful results. To see the subtleties of combinations of “move”/”over”-”under”/”fade” it is useful to set the “speeddown” and “speedup” to largish values.

Have fun experimenting! (We often come to this page and play around when we’re feeling burnt-out with programming.)



(Please don’t use the ‘email settings’ button unless you actually want to email us with your settings.)