Preferred Technologies

There are a myriad of technologies used today in creating websites. We select the technologies we use based on their popularity (and consequently their staying power), their flexibility (for integration with other technologies now and in the future), their productivity, their maintainability, and their adherence to standards.

The other pages in this section provide more detail on technologies we use and why we chose them, but first a word on some we don’t use:

  • We don’t use page generators (e.g. FrontPage or DreamWeaver). Although these tools work well for small sites where the creator has little time to learn HTML and CSS, we find them limited in their ability to integrate with other technologies and not offering enough of a productivity boost to justify their limitations.

  • We don’t use Microsoft web development technologies (e.g. .net). This is primarily a choice of Microsoft vs. Open Source software, and while either base can be entirely effective, we are fans (and promoters) of the Open Source movement.

  • We don’t use CGI scripts on the server side written with PERL, as this is obsolete and less secure.

Also, although we don’t refuse to use Flash animation entirely, we try to avoid it since we find it overused on the web, and the content within the Flash animation is invisible to the search engines (which doesn’t help your rankings). Many of the Flash effects can be created with javascript, which incurs no impact on search engine rankings.