Search Engine Optimization

Consistently being placed on the first results page of a search is critical to many sites. Although some SEO providers seem to present the task as incredibly obscure and secretive, it’s actually well understood – Google, for example, has an in-depth tutorial on what a web developer should do. The interactions of several factors do make it easier if you have experience. There are two aspects:

“Organic” search optimization is about attracting attention by making your site more relevant to the keywords in the search, more content-rich, and more popular (especially in terms of incoming links from other sites). A number of technical steps can make it easier for the search engines to process your data and thus improve your rankings.

Google adwords and similar “pay-per-click” options are paid advertising which appears on a different section of the results page (with Google, on the top and right sidebar). You bid (against other advertisers interested in the same keywords) for the right to appear, and your bid relative to theirs controls how often you come up. You normally set a limit to the per-click charges to keep within your budget.

Rankings with either option depend significantly on the competition for the keywords you need. (If you want to place highly in a search for “veterinary periodontists in Goodland Kansas“, no problem. If you want the top of the first page for “personal injury lawyers in New York City“, that may take a bit more work.) Rosita Internet Solutions has seen good success with getting clients on the first page with organic searches, and has crafted very effective and inexpensive pay-per-click campaigns as well.