Choosing a Hosting Provider

Every website needs a server somewhere to publish its pages on the Internet. We strongly recommend that clients contract with a hosting service which specializes in this kind of operation, and not attempt to host their site on their own servers. (Hosting providers typically implement redundant high-capacity internet connections, backup power and cooling, 24/7 support, security, etc. which will provide much higher uptime than most organizations can manage with their own facilities.)

The selection of a hosting service starts with the choice of a provider company, which usually involves some cost vs. service tradeoffs. We have worked with a variety of companies and can recommend the best fit for an individual client’s needs. Once a provider has been selected, there are various options for service plans, including tradeoffs around security, performance, support, and cost.

Rosita Internet Solutions has an experienced System Administrator / Network Engineer on staff, so we are well equipped to analyze the service options, and deal intelligently with the provider’s support staff in the event of a problem. We can also manage site backups, maintenance and security updates, and even email administration if needed.

Another service we offer is the selection and setup of your domain, which determines your site’s name.