The American Solar Energy Society

This was a major project resulting ultimately in a site with around 1000 pages (including pdfs). It was implemented with the Joomla content management system, and has 4-5 active contributors.

One unusual aspect of this site is the custom template which separates the three (now four) ASES program areas into sub-sites, each with its own unique, internally consistent, appearance.

In addition, the organization has a membership database implemented as a completely separate site, with single-signon integration with the Joomla site.

We have installed various Joomla extensions, including an advanced editor (JCE), user-creatable forms (rsForms), custom blog layout, and custom content layout. In addition, substantial modifications to the Joomla/extension php code were implemented, including the ability to restrict a search to the originating program area with the option to expand the search to the whole site.